Saltnets® Use Instructions

Remove the Saltnets® mat from its original vacuum-sealed package. The mat may be wrinkled and stiff at first, but it will eventually flatten out as it absorbs air and moisture.

For Preventative Use Prior to Snowfall & Ice

Place a Saltnets® mat on an uncovered surface that you wish to prevent a bond of snow or ice from forming. The mat will melt small amounts of snow that accumulate on top of it. To prolong the life of your mat after snowfall, we recommend sweeping or shaking off extra accumulated snow. You can then either continue to leave your mat out all season long or store it away in an air-tight container to preserve the melting agents for your next expected round of snowfall or freezing rain.

For Surfaces Currently Covered with Snow or Ice

Place a Saltnets® mat on the snow or ice covered surface that you wish to have melted. Each mat will melt about 1" of snow and/or ice per 24-hour period. Once the mat has melted all of the snow and ice from your designated area, feel free to move it to a new melting location. If you wish to preserve the mat's melting agents, store the mat in an air-tight container once you're finished using it.

Please Note:

  • Saltnets® mats were designed to pull moisture from snow/ice to activate the melting process. At first, the mat will require an initial startup period before it begins the physical melting process.
  • Each Saltnets® mat will melt about 1" of snow/ice per 24-hour period.
  • For best results, place your Saltnets® mat of top of previously fallen snow or ice. Although the mat will work either way, heavy snowfall covering the top of a mat may act as insulation (like an igloo) and hinder the melting process.
  • Results may vary as winter weather is unpredictable and fluctuates from region to region.
  • DO NOT USE IN THE RAIN - Saltnets are intended for winter use in temperatures below freezing.

Saltnets® values your feedback! To help us improve our products and develop better solutions for specific regions/conditions, send us information and feedback regarding your Saltnets® experience. Please include the time, temperature, and precipitation data along with your feedback to We appreciate your input!